Mulligans Irish Music Bar. Amstel 100, 1017AC Amsterdam. +31(0)20 622 1330

30 years of Mulligans!

Times passes fast and it's a fast changing world, but Mulligans is still here in its original formula: a traditional Irish bar with live music five nights a week.

We've been here 30 years, already since July actually. And… of course we'll have a celebration. However we decided to put it off for a little while: As most of you have seen, the Amstel is under construction and it's a bit hard to get to us… The street is meant to be ready by the 1st of November. So we decided to have our 30-years celebration just before that, when the street will be walkable again, and before the big floods of tourists will poor in again.

So we'll have our celebrations from Thursday the 25th of October to Sunday the 28th, with a schedule of musicians that have played from the very early days until now.

There have been many musicians that have performed in Mulligans all trough the years and brought us much joy and contributed to build Mulligans to what it is today: a temple for traditional Celtic Music!

Therefor we hope to welcome you to participate in the 30-years Mulligans Open Session on Sunday the 28th. There's limited space, (it is after all the same narrow Mulligans), but we always manage somehow!

Wednesday 26 June 2019
The gig starts 21:00h
Back room session
songs & tunes to sing along with or listen to... in the backroom


visuals by SG Collins